Hawiyah means identity.

Hawiyah Designs employs women living in Al-Baqa'a Refugee Camp in Jordan. The Al-Baqa'a Refugee Camp was one of the first refugee camps created for Palestinians after 1968 as an 'emergency' refugee camp. 55 years later these refugees, their children and grandchildren are not allowed to enter back into Palestine. When Palestinians demand the right of return, it means that the refugees that were forced out, have the right to return back to their homeland. One of the main ways the Palestinian identity has been maintained is through tatreez. A specific embroidery technique exclusive to the Levant region it's a skill that's been passed down from generations of mother and daughters. Hawiyah Designs is helping to maintain the Palestinian identity through tatreez, also known as a form of resistance against the illegal occupation of Palestine.

Tatreez as an art

In December 2021 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) officially recognized tatreez as Palestine’s. This is due to some 2 weeks prior where there was an instance of cultural appropriation during the Miss Universe competition. (Miss Universe contestants accused of ‘Israelising’ Palestinian culture )