Inspired by centuries worth of embroidery, Tatreez is a preserved art form in the Levant for over 3,000 years.

At Hawiyah Designs, 100% of the proceeds generated by products sold our reinvested and given back to the women's center that we work with.

Tatreez is a form of resistance.

What is Hawiyah Designs?

Hawiyah Designs is a project born from volunteer work at the Al-Baqaa Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan and understanding the cultural significance of tatreez and its role as a form of resistance. Named after the Arabic word for identity, "hawiyah," and hand-stitched by women in the Al-Baqaa refugee camp, Hawiyah Designs aims to empower Palestinian women in the Al-Baqaa camp by preserving their heritage through the art of tatreez and providing a platform for their artistry while contributing to their economic independence. 100% of Hawiyah Designs is reinvested into our women's center, supporting charitable initiatives, providing business loans, educational programs, and more!

Our collections:

tatreez bookmarks

beautifully hand-made bookmarks with hand stitched fallahi patterns